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Wednesday, 8 December 1993
Page: 4159

Senator SCHACHT —On 28 October, in response to a question by Senator Ferguson, I undertook to obtain some further information regarding funding to the MFP. I am now able to provide that information. However, I should point out to Senator Ferguson that the information relates to the better cities program which comes within the portfolio responsibilities of the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Community Services, Mr Howe, who is represented in this place by Senator Richardson.

  The better cities funding for the MFP-North West Crescent area strategy in South Australia for 1992-93 was $10.2 million, of which $0.6 million was actually spent. Unspent funds have been redirected to later years of the proposed revised MFP-North West Crescent area strategy component of the program. All unspent funds allocated to the MFP-North West Crescent area strategy are currently being withheld until a revised area strategy is agreed between the Commonwealth and state governments. It is my understanding that negotiations on that revised area strategy are continuing.

  I should also add that Senator Ferguson should be aware that since the announcement of the election in South Australia the usual protocol of decisions being on a caretaker basis applies, which does affect the outcome of the negotiations.

Senator Hill —Are you still threatening funding?

Senator SCHACHT —Yes.