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Wednesday, 24 November 1993
Page: 3601

Senator HARRADINE (7.11 p.m.) —I come back to the question of the definition of the family. We are not talking about the payment of an amount of money for a person who is the parent of the particular child. If that person is working, that person clearly would be entitled to a rebate. We are not talking about that at all. We are talking about a situation where, I believe for the first time, the minister has chosen to define a family so as to include lesbians and homosexuals. I think that is a very serious matter. If that is the case, I will be proposing an amendment, which I will seek time to draft, which will refer to marriage-like relationships, including de facto relationships, that are normally included and generally the case in respect of all of these matters, such as social security and so on. The provisions of the social security legislation do not extend these benefits to lesbian or homosexual couples.

Senator Zakharov —It is the children we are talking about.

Senator HARRADINE —We are talking about the children. If we are talking about the welfare of the children, then I think we ought to have a think about that as well. I move:

  That further consideration of clause 4 be postponed till after consideration of the remainder of the bill.