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Wednesday, 24 November 1993
Page: 3530

Senator MacGIBBON (12.29 p.m.) —I ask the Minister for Transport and Communications (Senator Collins) how the levy will be implemented. Will it be implemented at the pump or at the point of production of avgas and avtur? The reason for asking that is that the increment is 0.264 of a cent. There are a lot of dispensers around the country which are similar to garage-type dispensers where there is a price on the pump and an automatic computation with respect to the number of litres.

  My concern is that if it is just 0.264 of a cent, the temptation for the operator will be to put 1c on and not compute it because he simply has no facilities to compute it for the bulk load. I would hope that the usual practice of levying the excise at the source of production will apply in this case.