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Tuesday, 23 November 1993
Page: 3486

Senator PANIZZA (10.30 p.m.) —We fully support the bills. It has basically already been pointed out in relation to the Australia Land Transport Development Bill that the funds provided under the Prime Minister's One Nation package will be released. I thought that the Prime Minister's One Nation package was released that long ago that all funds would have been released by now, but obviously they have not. Under the amendment bill concerning national road transport the Commonwealth will release shares in recognition of each state's contribution. From memory, Western Australia refused to be part of this because the Commonwealth would make a profit of $2 million per year. Western Australia could not see any reason for being in it, so decided to stay out.

  There are important amendments to the Civil Aviation Act, which Senator Coulter addressed, and also to the Navigation Act in relation to issuing licences to pilots—making it compulsory for pilots to have licences to navigate the Great Barrier Reef. I presume that is to use the inside route to the Great Barrier Reef. There are also amendments to the Seafarers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act that we amended quite some time ago. The minister's staff will probably remember the negotiations that took place at the eleventh hour to draft the right amendments.

  The opposition supports these amendments, so there is not much point in carrying on at this late hour. The financial impact statement does not say anything in particular. Perhaps the minister can address it in his summing up.