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Friday, 19 November 1993
Page: 3287

Senator CHAMARETTE —My question is directed to the Minister representing the Minister for the Environment, Sport and Territories. I refer the minister to a notice of motion by myself on Tuesday of this week and a question asked by Senator Coulter on Wednesday of this week, both concerning the imminent construction of a bridge from Goolwa to Hindmarsh Island. Firstly, is the minister aware that research shows there is already a significant decline in bird population and degradation of wetland areas of international significance on and around Hindmarsh Island due to current activity, and that the South Australian government has not instituted an environmental management plan for the area, despite recommendations made in the government's assessment report of the 1989 environmental impact statement for the marina and bridge project? Secondly, is the minister aware that conditions for the development of the marina on the island stipulate that further stages of development, including 880 house blocks, cannot go ahead unless a bridge is built and that a supplementary development plan has been submitted for the island that includes a minimum of 2,000 blocks also dependent on the building of the bridge? Does the minister know—

The PRESIDENT —Order! Conclude the question.

Senator CHAMARETTE —Thank you. Given the urgency of the situation, the lack of an environmental management plan—

The PRESIDENT —Order! Your time has expired.

Senator SCHACHT —I know at times I may seem to be not a total supporter of the Green movement, but I think I can guess the general thrust of what Senator Chamarette was getting to. First of all, I did give an answer on this to a question from Senator Coulter earlier in the week, and I have no further information about the matter subsequent to the answer I gave him. I note that parts of Senator Chamarette's question, those which she read out, are different in some aspects to those that Senator Coulter raised, but I have no further information, so I will take it on notice and give an answer next Monday.