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Tuesday, 16 November 1993
Page: 2966

(Question No. 678)

Senator Calvert asked the Minister for Defence, upon notice, on 12 October 1993:

  (1) What is the content of the Army counselling video for which the department paid $34 387 in July 1993.

  (2) What is the purpose of this video.

  (3) How many copies of this video were produced.

  (4) To what extent has this video been used.

  (5) What type of counselling does this video cover.

Senator Robert Ray —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

  (1) The content of the video is the use of arms, employment opportunities and lifestyle in the Army.

  (2) This video will form part of a series of videos depicting the use of arms, lifestyle and employment opportunities in each of the various corps in the Army. They are for use by Defence Force Recruiting throughout Australia.

  (3) The series of videos are still under production. When complete, thirty-five copies will be made initially and distributed to all Defence Force Careers Reference Centres.

  (4) The videos, when complete, will be used to replace existing stock which is now out of date. The videos are used extensively by Defence Force Careers Advisers.

  (5) The type of counselling is initial careers counselling for all those who enquire about an Army career or employment. Army receive approximately 70,000 such enquiries each year. The videos are used to accurately demonstrate employment opportunities and life styles and to supplement information provided by the Careers Advisers.