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Tuesday, 16 November 1993
Page: 2958

(Question No. 635)

Senator Alston asked the Minister for the Arts and Administrative Services, upon notice, on 29 September 1993:

  With reference to the visit of the Minister for Communications (Mr Beddall) to Asia in September 1993 with a telecommunications manufacturers' trade delegation:

  (1) What was the overall cost to the taxpayer for the Minister's visit.

  (2) Did the Federal Government, or any other Australian government, contribute funds to the trade delegation other than the costs directly incurred by Mr Beddall and his staff.

  (3) Which companies, organisations, government departments and government business enterprises took part in the delegation and who represented each of these.

  (4) What was the nature and purpose of each leg of this trip for which the department assumed any or full financial responsibility.

  (5) For each member of the Minister's party, including the Minister, what amounts were incurred by the department in respect of each stop of the trip for: (a) food, beverages and restaurant meals; (b) car hire; (c) telephone calls; (d) air travel (international and otherwise); and (e) other living expenses.

  (6) For each night spent overseas by the Minister and his party, what are the details of all accommodation used and what was the cost of that accommodation for each member of the Minister's party, including the Minister, for which the department incurred a liability.

  (7) Which Australian Journalists accompanied the Minister on any or all of the trip, which media organisation did they represent, and at what cost to the department.

Senator McMullan —I have been advised that the overseas visit to which the honourable senator refers in his question has not yet been fully acquitted. As soon as the acquittal requirements have been met I shall provide a detailed response to the honourable senator.