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Tuesday, 16 November 1993
Page: 2874

Senator PANIZZA (3.28 p.m.) —I rise very briefly to follow up what Senator Schacht had to say about Senator Bishop's $93,000, or whatever, bill for flying around Australia. His words were—and correct me if I am wrong—that she was flying around not talking about anything else but the leadership.

Senator Schacht —That's right. She admitted it herself.

Senator PANIZZA —He has just admitted that he said it. The point is that I attended at least four of those talks that she gave around Australia—one in Sydney and three in Perth. I listened to all of those talks and I can say that she never mentioned the leadership. How can Senator Schacht say that this is what she is travelling around Australia to do? She is going around Australia to present our policies.

Senator Zakharov —Ha, ha!

Senator PANIZZA —Senator Zakharov can laugh as much as she likes, but she should not be so ignorant and listen sometimes. The point is that on the three or four occasions that I heard Senator Bishop speak she did not mention the leadership. She has gone out of her way to say that John Hewson's leadership is intact, and I fully agree with that.

  Question resolved in the affirmative.