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Thursday, 28 October 1993
Page: 2695

  Motion (by Senator Kemp and Senator Short) agreed to:

  That the Senate—

  (a)notes that 1993 is the sixtieth anniversary of the enforced famine in the Ukraine caused by the deliberate actions of Stalin's communist government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics;

  (b)recalls that an estimated 7 million Ukrainians starved to death as a result of Stalinist policies in 1932-1933 alone, and that millions more lost their lives in the purge which ensued for the remainder of the decade;

  (c)notes that this constitutes one of the most heinous acts of genocide in history;

  (d)honours the memory of those who lost their lives;

  (e)joins with Ukrainian people throughout the world, and particularly Ukrainian Australians, in commemorating these tragic events; and

  (f)resolves to seek to ensure that current and future generations are made aware of the monstrous evil that led to the famine.