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Wednesday, 29 September 1993
Page: 1352

Senator MARGETTS —I give notice that, on the next day of sitting, I shall move:

  That the Senate—

  (a)welcomes the comments made by the President of the United States of America (Mr Clinton) at the United Nations General Assembly on preventing the proliferation of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons;

  (b)notes that the planned initiatives announced by President Clinton include:

    (i)the elimination of the accumulated stockpiles of enriched uranium and plutonium and existing material which will be subject to the highest standards of safety, security and international accountability,

    (ii)the proposal of a multilateral convention prohibiting the production of highly enriched uranium or plutonium for explosive purposes,

    (iii)ensuring that the International Atomic Energy Agency has the resources needed to implement its safeguard and detection regimes,

    (iv)promoting measures to provide increased transparency of activities and facilities that could have biological weapons applications and conventional arms transfers; and

    (v)calling on all nations to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention as a matter of urgency; and

  (c)calls on the Australian Government to support this initiative and thereby do all it can to see these measures instigated throughout the world.