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Wednesday, 29 September 1993
Page: 1351

Senator TIERNEY —I give notice that, on the next day of sitting, I shall move:

  That the Senate—

  (a)notes the Newspoll published on 29 September 1993 shows that only 39 per cent of Australians support a republic, compared with 44 per cent against a republic, an increase of 8 per cent;

  (b)re-affirms its faith in the current Australian Constitution which has served this nation so well by ensuring that we are one of the most stable democracies in world history;

  (c)notes the recent attempts by the Prime Minister (Mr Keating) to drag world trade, the year 2000 Olympics and ancient sectarian divisions into his republican agenda are dividing Australia; and

  (d)calls on the Prime Minister to stop creating red herrings and get back to the main game, the real economic problems that are currently faced in Australia especially by the one million Australians who are unemployed.