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Monday, 27 September 1993
Page: 1163

Senator ELLISON (3.54 p.m.) —I rise to support Senator Ian Macdonald's amendment to this motion. With reference to Senator Spindler's remarks, I would say that recently we saw an example where too early a time limit was set in the relation to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs and we had to come back to this house to get an extension of time. I think it is best to set a more realistic date so that one can chart the course of the committee accordingly and thereby provide an opportunity for the matter to be properly ventilated.

  I cannot stress enough to the Senate how important this measure is, in view of the Olympic Games being held in Sydney in the year 2000. The tourism and hospitality industry is the greatest employer of young people in this country. At the moment they are in training programs and jobs which will prepare them for seven years time when we have the Olympics in this country.

  Alan Boys, a senior partner of Horwath and Horwath, the leading accounting practice in this country which deals with the tourism industry, has stated that if this measure goes through in its present form it will be a disaster for the tourism industry. In today's Australian Financial Review it has been said that 20,000 jobs could be lost.

  In order to ventilate the matter properly, I put to this house that further time is needed if submissions are to be taken and properly considered. I say that in view of the development in the last few days of Australia getting the Olympic Games in the year 2000, tourism has become even more crucial. If we make any hasty decision about this measure, it could have drastic ramifications for the tourism industry and we could well rue the day in seven years time when the Olympic Games come around.

  Question put:

  That the amendment (Senator Ian Macdonald's) be agreed to.