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Tuesday, 7 September 1993
Page: 1033

Senator PANIZZA (12.15 p.m.) —I would like, very briefly, to address the remarks of Senator Kernot. Obviously, Senator Kernot has made an explanation of why she was giggling and laughing, but it is best if I explain to the people of Australia the actions of the Democrats, the Greens and the government, including Senator Collins, Senator Schacht and Senator Sherry and anyone else sitting over on the other side of the chamber. I will go easy on the new one. The message they gave as to what they think of accountability in Australia was in where they sat during the division. The Democrats were sitting with the government to attempt to deny accountability. The Greens from Western Australia were sitting on the same side, denying accountability. I refer to accountability for the $1.7 million of CDEP money in the Strelley leases near Port Hedland in Western Australia that Senator Collins said has been bought to account and the $120,000 that went to one—

Senator Collins —Did you have to respond, Senator Kernot?

Senator PANIZZA —I ask Senator Collins to listen to this. I refer also to the $120,000 that was taken off one community, on a station not far out of Fitzroy Crossing, 100 kilometres away by bitumen road, just for taking goods out there for one year, including a spare fanbelt for a Landcruiser and ice-cream when they ran out of it. That sort of money is being creamed off the Aboriginals by the white Aboriginal industry. By their actions those honourable senators have denied accountability. Senator Collins said earlier—and I give him credence for it—that there will be more accountability in time to come. But they are letting abuses of the past get off scot-free. That is why I need to tell the people of Australia where the Democrats and the Greens sat when there was a vote on accountability. Of course, all the government senators sat right there with them.

  Bill agreed to.

  Bill reported without amendment; report adopted.