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Monday, 6 September 1993
Page: 1002

(Question No. 488)

Senator Campbell asked the Minister for the Arts and Administrative Services, upon notice, on 6 August 1993:

  (1) How many cars does DAS Fleet own.

  (2) What are the makes and models of cars in DAS Fleet.

  (3) How long are cars retained in DAS Fleet.

  (4) What was the average annual gross income per vehicle for fleet vehicles.

  (5) With reference to the Department of Administrative Services 1991-92 annual report in which it states that the fleet has set up environmental workplace groups: (a) who co-ordinates these workgroups; (b) does this task involve a full time position within the fleet; and (c) what decision, policies and activities have these environmental workplace groups arrived at or implemented since their formation.

Senator McMullan —I have been advised that the answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

  (1) As at 31 July 1993, DASFLEET owned 14,722 passenger vehicles and 3,223 commercial vehicles.

  (2) The makes and models of vehicles in DASFLEET are as follows:


100 Ford—"LTD" Sedan

130 Ford—Corsair GL, Ghia

275 Ford—Fairlane Ghia

249 Ford—Fairmont, Ghia

2453 Ford—Falcon GLI, S

1866 Ford—Laser GL, GLI, Ghia

3 Ford—Telstar

188 GMHA—Apollo SLX, Exec, SLE

96 GMHA—Berlina, LX

25 GMHA—Calais

1 GMHA—Calibra

9 GMHA—Caprice

3125 GMHA—Commodore Exec, S

2 GMHA—Nova SL

6 GMHA—Statesman

30 Misc—Special purpose vehicles

1 Mitsubishi—Galant

2131 Mitsubishi—Magna Exec, SE, Elite

99 Mitsubishi—Verada El, XI

334 Nissan—Pintara Exec, T, TI

132 Nissan—Pulsar Q, TI, SSS

7 Nissan—Skyline Exec

1 Nissan—Maxima TI

74 Subaru—Subaru DL

2062 Toyota—Camry Exec, CSI, Ultima

1256 Toyota—Corolla CSI, RV, Ultima

52 Toyota—Lexcen CSI, VXI

15 Toyota—Vienta Ultima


753 Toyota—commercials

251 Ford—commercials

174 GMHA-Isuzu commercials

545 Mazda—commercials

427 Mitsubishi—commercials

690 Nissan—commercials

1 Subaru—commercial

382 Misc—Special purpose commercials*

* examples include: forklifts, motorbikes, trailers, water tankers, bogies, cranes, prime movers.

(3) The replacement of DASFLEET vehicles is normally:

Passenger vehicles—2 years or 40,000 kms

Commercial trucks—4 years or 80,000 kms

4WD's—3 years or 80,000 kms

Light bus (17 pass)—2 years or 80,000 kms

Bus (30 pass)—up to 10 years

Prime movers—4 years

(4) The average gross income per vehicle in 1992/93 was as follows:

maintained vehicle (inc fuel)—$5760.00


Executive vehicles (SES)—$5560.00

  (5) (a) The National Fleet Manager has in consultation with DASFLEET's State Managers overall responsibilities for DASFLEET's environmental issues.

  (b) DASFLEET does not have a full time position dedicated to environmental issues. Environmental issues, awareness, recycling, waste minimisation, new technology etc form part of the duties of all DASFLEET personnel.

  (c) DASFLEET has been taking pro-active steps to ensure that our normal business operations have minimal impact on the environment.

  DASFLEET has instituted a policy that all vehicles leased for internal use must be 4 cylinder models. If an operational need dictates a larger (6 cylinder) vehicle is required it must be converted to operate on gas.

  DASFLEET nationally promotes the use of alternative fuels, Liquidified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

  DASFLEET vehicle servicing facilities have in place recycling procedures for used: tyres; vehicle batteries; lubricants; air conditioning refrigerants.

  DASFLEET is progressively improving the environmental impact of its vehicle wash down areas.

  All new vehicle wash down areas are covered and include a grease and contaminates separator. Trade waste agreements are put in place to clean these units in accordance with the Environmental Protection Authority, Water Board, etc to ensure the waste is disposed of properly.

  Energy use (minimisation) awareness has resulted in savings from modified operational timings of: security lights; building heating and air conditioning systems.

  DASFLEET maintains its vehicles to manufacturer's recommended service schedules to ensure that they are operating within their design criteria for fuel efficiency and emissions.

  DASFLEET provides its customers with information about energy use so they can make informed decisions about the types of vehicles they select.