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Monday, 6 September 1993
Page: 970

Senator McMULLAN (Acting Manager of Government Business in the Senate) (9.21 p.m.) —I move:

  That on Tuesday, 7 September 1993—

  (a)  the hours of meeting shall be:

10 a.m.—12.45 p.m.,

2 p.m.—6.30 p.m.,

8 p.m.—10.30 p.m., and

  (b)  the routine of business shall be:


    (ii)Notices of motion

    (iii)Postponement and re-arrangement of business

    (iv)Formal motions—Discovery of formal business

    (v)Government Business

    (vi)At 2 p.m. questions

    (vii)Any proposal to debate a matter of public importance or of urgency

    (viii)Consideration of Government documents

    (ix)Further consideration of Government business.

I move this motion in the interests of the expeditious management of the Senate about which I have been speaking out somewhat today. I will not speak to it because I think everybody knows what the motion is about—what its reason, rationale and justification are. I believe it is worthy of the support of all senators.