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Monday, 6 September 1993
Page: 970

Senator HARRADINE (9.17 p.m.) —I rise simply to point out that, at Senate Estimates Committee D on 1 September, I raised the question of whether Prismod would be able to give a realistic assessment of how the budget measures would impact on rural Australia and particularly on Tasmania. I was particularly interested in how the increase in fuel excise on marine fuels would impact on my state of Tasmania. I am sure that was a matter of interest for all honourable senators from my state and probably from other states as well.

Senator Coates —You got your answer.

Senator HARRADINE —Yes, I did get my answer and the answer was that Prismod was not able to provide an accurate assessment of the effect of that fuel excise.

Senator Coates —Did you really expect that it could?

Senator HARRADINE —To be quite frank, I did not know, but I am trying to get a handle on how that is going to affect my state. If people are saying that Prismod shows that the overall effect of the budget is going to be not disadvantageous to people in general and it is unable to show how it is going to affect people specifically my state, then obviously more questions need to be asked and more information needs to be made available. To the extent that Senator Short's motion might elicit that information, I will support it.

  Question resolved in the affirmative.