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Monday, 6 September 1993
Page: 931

Senator MICHAEL BAUME —I give notice that, on the next day of sitting, I shall move:

  That the Senate—

    (a)notes that:

      (i)the volume of federal funding available through the Australia Council in arts grants has been cut in the 1993-94 Budget of 17 August 1993 by $733 000, or 1.42 per cent, to $50.8 million, so reducing the role of the Australia Council in arts funding, with the result that the arts boards of the Australia Council will suffer a cut in real terms in federal funding, according to statistics provided by the Australia Council to Senate Estimates Committee D—

Senator Schacht —How much were you going to cut them?

Senator MICHAEL BAUME —I acknowledge the interjection: those opposite did not say they would cut anything. My notice of motion continues:

      (ii)this is despite the Government's election promise to increase arts funding,

      (iii)the only funding area where there will be a rise is in the so-called `Keating' fellowships, whose allocation rises by 20 per cent at the expense of other arts organisations which also have to bear some of the cost of the funding of election promises under which the Government bought the support of some arts groups,

      (iv)as a result the literature board, the performing arts board, the Cultural Development program, and the Australia Council's own programs will all have their allocation cut in real terms in 1993, as will the Australian Opera and other direct line funding organisations, as their allocation will not rise by the 3.5 per cent cost of living increase assumed in the budget or even the 2.3 per cent used as the Government's own inflation factor in its expenditure estimates, and

      (v)the Budget cuts of $4.9 million from funding of the Film Finance Corporation with funding `continuing at declining levels through to 1995-96', representing an overall cut in film funding of $17 million; and

Senator Schacht —Mr Acting Deputy President, I raise a point of order about the length of this notice of motion.

Senator Newman —You can't cope?

Senator Schacht —I can cope all right, but it is sounding very much like a speech rather than a notice of motion.

  The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Senator Calvert)—Minister, I do not think there is any point of order. The notice of motion has been lengthened by interjections. I ask Senator Baume to bring his notice of motion to a conclusion.

Senator MICHAEL BAUME —The notice of motion continues:

    (b)condemns the Government for failing to reveal to arts organisations before the election that it planned to cut arts funding to traditional arts bodies after the election to help pay for its election promises.