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Wednesday, 1 September 1993
Page: 824

Senator CALVERT (7.23 p.m.) —I also foreshadow that I will vote against the foreshadowed amendment.

Senator Woodley —Oh!

Senator CALVERT —I do not know whether Senator Woodley has ever been down to have a look at this area.

Senator Woodley —Yes, I have.

Senator CALVERT —He has. Then he would know as well as I do that Bender's Quarry has been closed down. It was a very small operation, but a very important operation to the area. I would like to know, looking at this foreshadowed amendment, just what Senator Bell is on about when he says, `. . . in relation to the area known as Exit Cave, Tasmania'. I would like to know how big an area he means. Obviously it takes in Bender's Quarry. He is trying to stop any other operation opening up to provide limestone to the apple industry. I find that quite astounding.

  Senator Bell has only this week been talking about concerns about the use of chemicals. That is fair enough; I support him in that, being an orchardist myself. I know the damage that has been done and can be done by the use of chemicals without proper knowledge. But this decision to close Bender's Quarry has burdened the fruit growers of the Huon with about half a million dollars extra cost. They use that lime because it colours their fruit. I do not know whether Senator Bell wants all the red apples in the Huon to remain green in memory of him or not, but what it means is that a lot of those fruit growers will be tempted to use chemicals to colour their apples, as he knows very well, and it has been proved that some of the chemicals that have been used to colour apples are rather toxic and dangerous to people.

  Senator Bell got publicity from the stunt he carried out last year and I thought he would have been satisfied with that by now. He got headlines in Tasmania, he got the publicity and Bender's Quarry was closed down. There was evidence given by more than one expert that no damage was being done to the cave by blasting it to quarry. It was a stunt to create support for the Democrats and support for the Greens before the election.

  I would have thought that, now the election is over, Senator Bell would have given up and found something else to talk about. I just think, quite frankly, the people of the Huon would be very disappointed to know that Senator Bell, a self-professed free spirit in politics in Tasmania, would come in here tonight and try to create another stunt, as he did last year, to the detriment of the people and jobs in the Huon area. It has cost jobs and it will cost more.