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Tuesday, 31 August 1993
Page: 706

(Question No. 383)

Senator MacGibbon asked the Minister for Veterans' Affairs:

  With reference to trips, seminars or similar events by the staff of the department to venues outside Canberra:

  (1) How many such events were organised by the Benefits, Compensation, Health and Corporate Services programs over the past two years to venues outside Canberra for staff within those programs.

  (2) In each case what was: (a) the location; (b) the duration of the visit; (c) the dates of each visit; (d) the number of staff involved; (e) the purpose of each visit; and (f) the total cost of the visit including a breakdown of all associated costs such as travel, accommodation, meals, conference venue and facilities.

  (3) In each case why was it necessary to conduct the meetings outside Canberra instead of using the conference facilities available at the department's offices in Canberra.

Senator Faulkner —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

  (1) This question has been interpreted to mean events involving central office staff only at venues outside Canberra. There were two such events organised by the Corporate Services Program over the past two years to venues outside Canberra for staff within that program.

  Legal Services Group

  (2) (a) Jamberoo Valley Lodge, Kiama

  (b) 2 days

  (c) 24-26 February 1993

  (d) 20 officers

  (e) To focus on the major issues within the department which were likely to require legal and/or legislative action in 1993, as well as the mechanisms to ensure effective delivery of services.

  (f) Travel Allowance—$959


  Accommodation, Venue Hire & Meals—$5,520


  (3) To promote team building and to minimise the distractions of every day work.

  Budgets Branch

  (2) (a) Goolabri Park, Federal Highway, Sutton

  (b) 1 day

  (c) 11 March 1992

  (d) 30 officers

  (e) Budgets Branch Workshop

  (f) Venue Hire—$250



  (3) To minimise the distractions of every day work and enable staff to focus clearly on issues in the planning of branch objectives for 1993.