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Thursday, 19 August 1993
Page: 458

(Question No. 87)

Senator Short asked the Minister for the Arts and Administrative Services, upon notice, on 5 May 1993:

  (1) What are the details of all advertising campaigns to be undertaken by the department and agencies in 1992-93, including, in each case: (a) the campaign; (b) its costs; (c) its purpose; and (d) the name of the company or agency undertaking the campaign.

  (2) Are there any proposals for additional campaigns to be undertaken in the near future.

  (3) Given the imminence of the Federal election, could the information be provided by 13 May 1993.

Senator McMullan —I have been advised that the answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

  (1) (i) (a) Old Parliament House

  (b) $54400

  (c) To advertise the reopening of Old Parliament House to the public and the availability of the building as a function centre

  (d) In-house arrangements

  (ii) (a) Sydney Central—NSW

  (b) $100000 (approximately)

  (c) Marketing of the building associated with the official opening of retail facilities in early July 1993

  (d) NV Marketing

(iii) (a) "Within Living Memory—Records and Images of Australia in the 1950's

  (b) $1050

  (c) To ensure public awareness of the Australian Archives' exhibition which was held at Parliament House from 5 November to 20 December 1992

  (d) In-house arrangements

  (iv) (a) Heritage Festival exhibition—Australian Archives, Victorian Regional Office

  (b) $850

  (c) To ensure public awareness of the exhibition in the Victorian Regional Office during the Heritage Festival 1993

  (d) In-house arrangements

  (v) (a) "Make It In Australia Promotion to Industry

  (b) $200000

  (c) To encourage local suppliers to actively seek out Federal Government business for Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) products and services which offer value for money, and to facilitate business relations between local suppliers and Government sector buyers to achieve higher ANZ sales of goods and services

  (d) Blackie McDonald Pty Ltd and Cartwright Williams Pty Ltd

  (vi) (a) Campaigns for the promotion of services provided by the portfolio in the press, trade journals and directories, film, television and radio

  (b) Comcar—$5500; Customer Services and Marketing—$35800; Project Services—$1500; Total—$42800

  (c) The promotion of services and capabilities of DAS businesses

  (d) In-house arrangements

  (vii) (a) General advertising campaign

  (b) $52430

  (c) To increase awareness of the analytical services provided by AGAL in the areas of the Environment, Occupational Hygiene and Food Quality to potential customers.

  (d) A.I.S Media

  (viii) (a) Protection of Historic Shipwrecks

  (b) $30000

  (c) To inform the public of:

  the extension of the scope of the Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976 (the Act) to protect all wrecks and relics in Australian waters which are at least 75 years old;

  an amnesty for offences committed under sections 9 and 17 of the Act, and generally to increase public awareness of rights and responsibilities under the Act

  (d) In-house arrangements

  (ix) (a) Australian Made

  (b) $1.40 million

  (c) To encourage the purchase of products and services made in Australia

  (d) Republic Advertising Pty Ltd

  (x) (a) 1993 Federal Election

  (b) $5.86 million

  (c) To provide eligible Australians with information about their enrolment and voting rights and responsibilities during the election

  (d) Doorley Buchanan Advertising and Neville Jeffress Advertising

  (xi) (a) 1993 Supplementary Election—Division of Dickson

  (b) $8360

  (c) As a result of the death of a candidate in the Division of Dickson, a further small election campaign was conducted in this Division

  (d) Doorley Buchanan Advertising and Neville Jeffress Advertising

  (xii) (a) Films from Australia

  (b) International trade advertising—$30000; Australian Film Commission (AFC) catalogues, checklists and promotional reels—$80000; Total—$110000

  (c) Advertisements are placed in specialised issues of international trade magazines published for the major film and television trade markets. These advertisements alert the international film community to the AFC's presence and services available to the markets

  (d) Local and international advertisements are managed by the AFC. AFC catalogues and checklists are designed and produced by Zero Plus

  (xiii) (a) MICRODOCS

  (b) $5000

  (c) National advertising campaign began in March to attract applications for the MICRODOCS series which aims to break new ground in documentary making by recognising "short form documentary" and giving new documentary makers the opportunity to have their work broadcast on national television

  (d) Neville Jeffress Advertising

  (xiv) (a) Ongoing promotional campaign of the Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) to Sydney residents, interstate and international tourists using television, print media and billboards

  (b) $460000

  (c) To attract visitors to the ANMM

  (d) Sheppard Griffen Pty Ltd, supervised by the Government Advertising Service and the ANMM

  (xv) (a) Rembrandt to Renoir: Treasures from the National Museums of San Francisco Exhibition

  (b) $250000

  (c) To promote the national tour of the exhibition

  (d) In-house arrangements

  (xvi) (a) Surrealism: Revolution by Night Exhibition

  (b) $350000

  (c) To promote the national tour of the exhibition

  (d) George Pattersons (TV advertising only) and some press advertising by the sponsor, Optus Communications

  (xvii) (a) National Library of Australia (NLA)—national and local advertising comprising different advertisements each week in The Weekend Australian and The Canberra Times and monthly advertising in The Australian Book Review and other selected journals and magazines

  (b) $133000

  (c) To inform the Australian community about the collections, services and activities of the NLA and to advise the local community and tourists about the week's activities at the NLA

  (d) General print media advertising is placed through Neville Jeffress Advertising or directly with the newspaper itself. All advertising copy is produced to camera-ready stage by the NLA

  (xviii) (a) Promotion of services to the Australian Bibliographic Network (ABN) and the Ozline databases through brochures and conference exhibits

  (b) $13000

  (c) To promote the use of ABN and Ozline through participation in trade exhibitions and NLA related conferences and the dissemination of marketing brochures

  (d) Arrangements were made by the NLA

  (xix) (a) Promotion of National Library Film Lending Service through four advertisements in the film print media

  (b) $500

  (c) To promote use of the National Library Film Collection through its lending service

  (d) In-house arrangements

  (xx) (a) National Science and Technology Centre (NSTC)—promotion of the new Environment Exhibition

  (b) $18200

  (c) To promote awareness of the NSTC's new exhibition

  (d) Grey Advertising

  (xxi) (a) National Science and Technology Centre—Spanish Olympics Celebration

  (b) $800

  (c) To promote multicultural activities held at the Centre during the Olympics

  (d) Neville Jeffress Advertising

  (xxii) (a) National Science and Technology Centre—NRMA "Tomorrow's Drivers" Exhibition

  (b) $2860

  (c) To promote the pilot exhibition

  (d) Grey Advertising and Neville Jeffress Advertising

  (xxiii) (a) National Science and Technology Centre—National Lecture Tour of "The Life and Times and Science of Galileo"—Melbourne

  (b) $3200

  (c) To promote public and school performances

  (d) Neville Jeffress Advertising

  (2) Special advertising will be placed in August 1993, to coincide with the 25th Anniversary celebrations of the Opening of the National Library building on 15 August 1968

  (3) It was not possible to extract the information in the time period requested.