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Thursday, 19 August 1993
Page: 452

(Question No. 67)

Senator Short asked the Minister for Health and the Minister representing the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Community Services, upon notice, on 6 May 1993:

  (1) What funding, grant or other form of payment, has the department and its agencies approved to trade unions since 1 July 1992, in each case, please provide details of: (a) the name of the trade union; (b) the purpose of the funding; and (c) under what program the funding was made.

  (2) Are there any proposals for further funding to trade unions; if so, please provide details on the amount, recipient and purpose of the funding.

  (3) Could these details be provided by 13 May 1993.

Senator Richardson —The Minister for Housing, Local Government and Community Services, the Minister for Family Services and I provide the following answer to the honourable senator's questions:

  In providing details of grants to trade unions, the Industrial Relations Act 1988 definition of a trade union has been used.

  (1) (a) Australian Council of Trade Unions.

  (b) $96,000—to provide funding for two workers: one full time and one part time. The two workers are responsible for providing information on child care matters to unions and employers. They also encourage the involvement of employers in the provision of work related child care.

  (c) Children's Services Program.

  (a) Australian Nursing Federation.

  (b) $42,750—To identify through a variety of methods, perceived gaps in delivery of information, resources and training for nurses related to their activities in the area of HIV/AIDS.

  (c) National AIDS Program

  (a) Australian Nursing Federation.

  (b) $12,021—Train-the-Trainer Phase II—To develop further and extend the implementation of the nationally coordinated HIV/AIDS Health Worker Project.

  (c) National AIDS Program

  (a) Australian Nursing Federation.

  (b) $60,000—to conduct data analysis on the two sets of data collected in the NSW and SA Nursing intensity studies to produce Australian nursing service weights for version one of the Australian National Diagnosis Related Groups.

  (c) Casemix Development Program.

  (a) Australian Nursing Federation.

  (b) $9,000—to provide education on casemix to nurses in Victoria through a one day conference and subsequent publication.

  (c) Casemix Development Program.

  (a) Australian Timber Workers and Allied Industries Union.

  (b) $66,289—Competitive Employment Training and Placement.

  (c) Disability Services Program.

  (a) The Building Trades Group of Unions.

  (b) $134,500—Final payment for the Building Trades Group of Unions Drug and Alcohol Safety Program.

  (c) National Campaign Against Drug Abuse Education Program.

  (a) Disabled Workers Union.

  (b) $47,702—Advocacy.

  (c) Disability Services Program.

  (a) Labour Council of New South Wales.

  (b) $80,000—Disability Awareness Raising pilot project.

  (c) Disability Services Program.

  (a) Liquor, Hospital and Miscellaneous Union.

  (b) $41,000—Disability Awareness Raising pilot project.

  (c) Disability Services Program.

  (a) New South Wales Nurses' Union.

  (b) $82,500—to provide continuing clinical education for nurses and allied health workers throughout Australia using a series of satellite broadcast lectures reinforced by an education package for each broadcast, consisting of a video of the lecture and a workbook.

  (c) Rural Health Support, Education and Training Program.

  (a) Victorian Trades Hall Council.

  (b) $49,500—Disability Awareness Raising pilot project.

  (c) Disability Services Program.

  (2) Yes. It is anticipated that ongoing work with the Australian Nursing Federation Casemix initiatives will be required. In the first instance an amount of $20,000 will be provided to conduct a National Workshop to establish and agree priority areas for further casemix initiatives involving the nursing profession. These funds will be provided via the Australian Casemix Clinical Committee which currently has medical and nursing input.

  (3) No. It was not possible to compile the information provided within the time frame requested.