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Thursday, 19 August 1993
Page: 314

Senator SHERRY (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Primary Industries and Energy) (1.54 pm) —There are just a couple of matters that I wish to respond to. Senator Teague requested that I bring to the attention of the federal Minister for Employment, Education and Training (Mr Beazley) the matters he raised about a college in his state that has allegedly been adversely affected in respect to some funding, and that I will do.

  Senator Coulter, in reflecting on debate that occurred earlier in this place about cut-off dates for legislation, made me think about some comments by one of his fellow colleagues in the Australian Democrats. I think it was Senator Spindler who suggested that one of the major problems for lengthy debate in this place is repetition. I certainly believe that if we could overcome some of the repetition problems and people truly debated, rather than coming into the Senate simply to give a speech and then leaving again, we might save some time.

  Senator Kemp referred to the wine industry. I am sure we are going to be debating the effect of the budget on the wine industry on a number of occasions in this place. He did have the temerity to suggest that Senator Chris Evans, who was in the Senate at the time, should address this matter in his first speech. I would suggest to Senator Kemp, who is still in the Senate, that the first speech content is a matter for the senator to decide, not for him to suggest. I hope, but I am sure, given Senator Kemp's past record, that he will be here to listen to a very good speech from Senator Chris Evans when he gives his first speech.

  Senator Alston referred to the ongoing concerns he has with the Minister for Transport and Communications (Senator Collins) and some concerns over licence bidding. Senator Collins is still the minister. He is here in the Senate and Senator Alston is still in opposition. He is still raising the same issue day after day, month after month, and Senator Collins is still handling the issue with great tact and diligence and still handling that issue very well.

  Finally, Senator Campbell introduced us to a new terminology for a lie; lulus. It is an interesting new piece of terminology. I must confess I do not know whether it is unparliamentary or not; I will check to see. I was not sure, so I did not spring to my feet and demand that it be withdrawn. I think the accusation, that we would need a hydraulic lift to list documents containing alleged breaches of promise by this government, is a slight exaggeration, particularly given the honourable senator was waving this document around by hand. He must have some hydraulic muscles on his arms. Either that or he is doing some work in the gym that I have missed out on in the last year or two.