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Tuesday, 17 August 1993
Page: 81

(Question No. 80)

Senator Short asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs, upon notice, on 6 May 1993:

  1. What are the details of all advertising campaigns to be undertaken by the department and agencies in 1992-93, including, in each case: (a) the campaign; (b) its cost; (c) the purpose; and (d) the name of the company or agency undertaking the campaign.

  2. Are there any proposals for additional campaigns to be undertaken in the near future.

  3. Given the imminence of the federal election, could the information be provided by 1 March 1993.

Senator Gareth Evans —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

  It should be noted that the response does not include any recruitment activity in respect of the portfolio.

  Trade Analysis Branch, Public Affairs Division, East Asia Analytical Unit, and Austrade planned the following (non-recruitment) advertising expenditure for 1992-93.

Trade Analysis Branch—

  1 (a) Marketing campaigns of the Country Economic Brief series, the Quarterly Economic & Trade Review and a number of statistical publications regarding Australia's trade performance.

  1 (b) Marketing expenditure to date is $51,000 and projected expenditure to 30 June 1993 is $63,000.

  1 (c) To promote awareness of these publications.

  1 (d) The majority of marketing is conducted through advertisements in the financial press, while the Country Economic Brief marketing program also includes mailings to government departments and private sector institutions and displays at various conferences.

  2. Towards the end of the 1992/93 financial year Trade Analysis Branch will be advertising a new cable subscription service for the 1993/94 financial year, which provides our clients access to regular on the spot economic reports from various countries.

  3. Not applicable.

Public Affairs Division—

  1 (a) 1993 China Skills Traineeships.

  1 (b) $3599.64.

  1 (c) To advertise 4 awards for participants in a one year course of studies in China to promote Australia's relationship with China.

  1 (d) Neville Jeffress-Sydney Pty Ltd.

  1 (a) North East And South East Asia Media Awards.

  1 (b) $3053.24.

  1 (c) Provide grants to media personnel to visit and promote contacts throughout north east and south east Asia region.

  1 (d) Neville Jeffress-Sydney Pty Ltd.

  1 (a) Anzac Fellowships 1993.

  1 (b) $9188.72.

  1 (c) To give Australians opportunity to research, and undertake training or further their professional experience in New Zealand.

  1 (d) Neville Jeffress-Sydney Pty Ltd.

  1 (a) Production of Australian Science and Technology Newsletter.

  1 (b) $1700.68.

  1 (c) Production of 2 editions of a monthly publication of Australian Science And Technology Newsletter.

  1 (d) Neville Jeffress-Sydney Pty Ltd.

  1 (a) Access and equity principles on issues relating to WWII property restitution.

  1 (b) $1691.16.

  1 (c) Provide advice in accordance with Government's access and equity principles on issues relating to property restitution and compensation arising after WWII in east Europe and compensation for forced labour during WWII in Europe.

  1 (d) Neville Jeffress-Sydney Pty Ltd.

  2. Inevitably, advertisements of this kind will be required to meet needs as they arise; some annually, others as occasion demands.

  3. Not applicable.


  1 (a) 33 International Trade displays.

  1 (b) $449,500.

  1 (c) Promote Australian goods & services world wide.

  1 (d) A combination of external and internal arrangements through Austrade's offices worldwide.

  1 (a) "Australian Export Awards" advertising.

  1 (b) $40,000.

  1 (c) Highlight export successes, to encourage export performances.

  1 (d) Various Australian media presentations.

  1 (a) Advertise Asian Pacific Fellowship Scheme.

  1 (b) $16,100.

  1 (c) Exporter education to encourage Asian language proficiency in Australia.

  1 (d) Various Australian news media.

  1 (a) Export Supplement.

  1 (b) $77,600.

  1 (c) Encourage Australian firms into exporting.

  1 (d) Business Review Weekly.

  1 (a) "Guide To Exporting".

  1 (b) $40,000.

  1 (c) Encourage Australian firms into exporting.

  1 (d) Australian Business Monthly.

  1 (a) "Export Successes".

  1 (b) $54,000.

  1 (c) Encourage Australian firms into exporting.

  1 (d) Overseas Trading Magazine.

  1 (a) "Austrade Has East Asia Covered".

  1 (b) $6,800.

  1 (c) Encourage Australian firms into exporting.

  1 (d) National Business Bulletin.

  1 (a) "Austrade Has East Japan Covered".

  1 (b) $6,500.

  1 (c) Encourage Australian firms into exporting.

  1 (d) National Business Bulletin.

  1 (a) "Austrade Has Japan Covered".

  1 (b) $6,500.

  1 (c) Encourage Australian firms into exporting.

  1 (d) National Business Bulletin.

  1 (a) "Profit From The South Pacific".

  1 (b) $5,500.

  1 (c) Encourage Australian firms into exporting.

  1 (d) National Business Bulletin.

  1 (a) "Austrade Really Making A Difference".

  1 (b) $19,500.

  1 (c) Encourage Australian firms into exporting.

  1 (d) National Business Bulletin.

  1 (a) "Intelligent Australia Cebit `95'".

  1 (b) $2,500.

  1 (c) Promote Austrade's co-hosting European display.

  1 (d) Overseas Trading Magazine.

  1 (a) "Austrade Works Hard For Small Business".

  1 (b) $1,500.

  1 (c) Encourage Australian firms into exporting.

  1 (d) Manufacturers Monthly, the Australian & the Australian Financial Review.

  1 (a) International Business Week 1992.

  1 (b) $5,500.

  1 (c) Encourage Australian firms into exporting.

  1 (d) Daily Commercial News, Adelaide Advertiser, and the Australian Financial Review.

  2. The only proposals for additional advertising campaigns for the remainder of the 1992-93 financial year, that are readily identifiable, are advertising for trade displays (costing $46,000) and for the Australian Export Award nominees ($4,000).

  3. Not applicable.

East Asia Analytical Unit—

  1 (a) The East Asia Analytical Unit (EAAU) has undertaken some advertising in 1992-93 in conjunction with the Australian Government Publishing Service (AGPS) in order to order to bring to public attention the publication of four of its reports:

  Australia's Business Challenge: South East Asia in the 1990s

  Korea to the Year 2000: Implications for Australia

  Southern China in Transition: The New Regionalism and Australia

  Grain in China.

  (b) & (c) & (d) The AGPS has paid for the newspaper advertisements (in the Australian, Australian Financial Review, and Sydney Morning Herald) and promotional pamphlets for all four reports, while the Unit has paid AGPS for promotional posters for use in Australia and overseas for three of the four reports as follows:

  Australia's Business Challenge: South-East Asia in the 1990s

  $800 for poster—paid for by Public Affairs Division

  South China in Transition: The New Regionalism in Australia

  $1800 for poster Svris—$600 paid by the Unit; $1200 paid by the Asia Research Centre

  Grain in China

  $1800 for poster

  2. The EAAU plans to organise similar advertising and promotional activity in relation to all its future reports, in conjunction with the relevant publisher.

  3. Not applicable.