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Tuesday, 17 August 1993
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  His Excellency the Honourable William George Hayden, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, entered the chamber and, taking his seat on the dais, said:

  Honourable Senators:

  I am present to administer to senators elected to serve in the Senate from 1 July 1993 the oath or affirmation of allegiance, as required by section 42 of the constitution.

  The Clerk produced and laid on the table the certificates of election for the following senators elected, on 13 March 1993, to serve in the Senate for the respective states from 1 July 1993:

  New South Wales—Graham Frederick Richardson; Michael Ehrenfried Baume; John Philip Faulkner; John William Tierney; Kerry Walter Sibraa; John Alexander Lindsay Macdonald.

  Queensland—Margaret Reynolds; David John MacGibbon; William George O'Chee; Malcolm Arthur Colston; Warwick Raymond Parer; John Woodley.

  South Australia—Amanda Eloise Vanstone; Nick Bolkus; Nicholas Hugh Minchin; Dominic John Foreman; Alan Baird Ferguson; Meg Heather Lees.

  Tasmania—Brian Roper Archer; John Coates; Brian Francis Gibson; Brian Harradine; Shayne Michael Murphy; Michael Carter Tate.

  Victoria—Gareth John Evans; James Robert Short; Kim John Carr; Julian John James McGauran; Alice Olive Zakharov; Judith Mary Troeth.

  Western Australia—Susan Christine Knowles; Peter Francis Salmon Cook; Ian Gordon Campbell; Christopher Vaughan Evans; Christopher Martin Ellison; Diane Elizabeth Margetts.

  The Clerk informed the Senate that on 5 July 1993 Mr President received a letter from Senator Michael Carter Tate resigning his place as a senator for the state of Tasmania.   Pursuant to the provisions of section 21 of the constitution Mr President notified the Governor of Tasmania of the vacancy in the representation of that state caused by the resignation.

  The above named senators, with the exception of Michael Carter Tate, made and subscribed the oath or affirmation of allegiance.

  His Excellency the Governor-General having retired—