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Thursday, 27 May 1993
Page: 1440

Senator COLLINS (Minister for Transport and Communications) (10.58 a.m.) —I have as much interest in seeing this report as Senator Macdonald. As with many other incidents involving aircraft around the world, one thing that I have found common in the reports on these incidents is that generally a combination of things go wrong, not just a single thing. I am sure that will be the case here. I will read into Hansard an answer that I think will satisfy Senator Macdonald:

While the draft report has been circulated to the various parties involved in the occurrence, the final report will not be generally available until late June or early July. This delay is necessary to ensure that all parties have sufficient time to make comments on the draft, and for those comments to be considered by the Bureau, before the final report is released. The parties referred to include the engine and airframe manufacturers in the USA, the flight crew and company management of Ansett Australia, as well as the CAA and the FAC etc.

. . . Because of Senator Macdonald's interest in the occurrence, the Bureau would have no objection to a copy of the draft being provided to him, pending the publication of the final report. A second copy of the report is provided should it be required for this purpose. The Senator should be advised—

I am sure he will respect this—

that the report has not yet been approved for public release under the provisions of the Air Navigation Regulation 283, and is provided solely for his information.