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Thursday, 27 May 1993
Page: 1438

Senator COLLINS (Minister for Transport and Communications) (10.50 a.m.) —Mr Chairman, I will seek detailed advice for Senator Macdonald. Could I just say to Senator Macdonald that, from my own experience in the cost of maintenance on aircraft, for $40,000 people might get a new decal on the tail and a coat of paint if they were lucky. I would suspect, but I will get more precise advice because this is a CAA issue, that an amount that small in terms of aircraft would probably not involve any matters relating to the safety of the aircraft at all. It would be like slapping a fresh coat of paint on the house.

  The ex-military CT4 trainer aircraft as they stand are not eligible for the issue of a full civil certificate of airworthiness. Pacific Aerospace Corporation of New Zealand holds the type certificate for a civil CT4 aircraft which meets full Australian civil certification standards. These standards are based on those applying internationally. It may be possible to modify the ex-RAAF aircraft to enable a full certification of airworthiness to be granted. However, the details and cost of this are entirely a commercial matter between an applicant and Pacific Aerospace. It was made clear to potential purchasers that without modifications the aircraft are eligible only for a permit to fly as ex-military aircraft. The permit carries a number of restrictions.