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Wednesday, 26 May 1993
Page: 1365

Senator PANIZZA (5.49 p.m.) —I would like to make just a small point on Senator Harradine's concerns regarding child care in the home so that hopefully we can wind this matter up. As I understand it from this Bill, this lifting of FBT is on money paid by an employer for right of entry into child minding centres. It is not very often that I disagree with Senator Harradine, but I think I am right in my interpretation that it is not for the child minding. It is simply for the right of entry so if that particular person needs child minding facilities, he or she has a right to get in there. That is what the employer is doing, and the FBT will be taken off.

  The child minding itself will still have to be paid for by someone or other. If children are to be minded in someone's home, there will be a cost that someone will pay for, but surely there is no money to be paid at any stage for right of entry for the children to be minded in their own homes. I think that Senator Harradine might be confused on that. I thought I might help lift his confusion so that we can wind up.