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Tuesday, 25 May 1993
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(Question No. 122)

Senator Chamarette asked the Minister for the Arts and Administrative Services, upon notice, on 12 May 1993:

  (1) How many staff do each of the Labor Party, Liberal Party and National Party Senators and Members have allocated at present.

  (2) What salary ranges do these positions cover.

  (3) What staff will be provided for additional Liberal Party and National Party Senators.

  (4) What electorate office space is allocated to each Senator or Member and on what basis is the allocation determined.

  (5) Do Labor Party, Liberal Party and National Party Senators and Members have the same electorate office space as other Senators.

Senator McMullan —I have been advised that the answer to the honourable senator's question is:

  (1) In addition to the entitlement of each Senator and Member to electorate staff positions:

Labor Party:


  Other Government Office-holders—69.72

  Liberal Party—59

  National Party—15

  (2) Salary ranges are set out in the attachment.

  (3) It is a matter for the Leaders of the Liberal Party and National Party to allocate positions to Liberal and National Party Senators from the block of positions available to them.

  (4) Ministers, Presiding Officers and selected Office-holders may choose to have a combined Ministerial/electorate office or combined Office-holder/electorate office, the space allocation for which is determined by the number of personal staff employed in the particular office.

  The actual space allocation of electorate offices for Senators and Members varies depending on availability of suitable accommodation in a given area, the cost of rent and other charges and the condition of the property. As a guideline, office space between 120 square metres and 150 square metres is regarded as appropriate.

  (5) See (4) above.

Salary rates for Ministerial and other Government staff effective 11 March 1993 for personal staff, and 25 March 1993 for electorate staff

Classification Salary or range APS Equivalent


* Principal Adviser/PM 61147-102399**

* Special Adviser/PM

* Special Adviser (Media)/PM

* Principal Adviser/Deputy PM

* Principal Adviser to the Treasurer

* Senior Adviser/Minister in Cabinet 61147-94140**

* Director/MMG and NMLS

* Senior Adviser/Minister not in Cabinet 61147-77028**

* Media Adviser/Deputy PM or Treasurer 43367-47107-48133-



* Media Adviser 43367-47107-48133-



* Adviser 43367-47107-48133-

51052-55234 SOG C/B

* Director/GCSS 38579-40519-42088 ASO 6 upper

* Personal Assistant to Mrs Keating

* Assistant Adviser 33924-34985-35971-

36638- ASO 5/6

* Clerk/Whip 37550-38579-40519-42088

* Hospitality and Catering Officer/PM 34306-35971-36978 Parliamentary

Catering Officer

Grade 5

Clerk JGCCS/NPN # 34985-35971-36638-

37550 ASO 5+/6-

Personal Secretary ## *** 30415-31380-32197-

33024 ASO 4

Parliamentary Liaison Officer's Assistant 27289-27998-28708-

29452 ASO 3

Secretary ##


Administrative Assistant 23959-24617-25264-


27998-28708-29452 ASO 2/3

Electorate Officer 3 33597-34485-


Electorate Officer 2 29285-30585-


Electorate Officer 1 27440-28356-


* Ministerial Staff Allowance (MSA), currently $10238 per annum, is payable in addition to salary to occupants of these positions. MSA is by way of compensation for long and irregular hours and other special features of the positions. Overtime is not payable.

** Salary is determined by the Minister for the Arts and Administrative Services following advice from the Secretary, Department of Industrial Relations.

# Overtime is limited to Parliamentary sitting weeks.

## Personal Secretaries and Secretaries may, after one year at their respective salary range, choose to receive MSA rather than overtime.

*** Personal Secretaries may advance to the ASO 5 range after a minimum of one year's experience at the top of the Personal Secretary range. Further increases occur only through annual increments.

Australian Public Service salary scales:

SES Band:

  Band 1—$61147-$68663

  Band 2—$73360-$84763

  Band 3—$85582-$102399

ASO and SOG levels:

  ASO Class 1—$12701-$23397

  ASO Class 2—$23959-$26568

  ASO Class 3—$27289-$29452

  ASO Class 4—$30415-$33024

  ASO Class 5—$33924-$35971

  ASO Class 6—$36638-$42088

  SOG C—$43367-$47107

  SOG B—$48133-$55234

  SOG A—$57247