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Tuesday, 25 May 1993
Page: 1251

Senator McMULLAN (Minister for the Arts and Administrative Services) (10.10 p.m.) —I think we did give a fair bit of information during the hearing, perhaps not in a tabular form because the proceedings were in question and answer form. I am advised that there is no further information, but if when Senator Kemp goes through it he finds that there are certain extra pieces of information which he did not ask for then and which are within the parameters of what we were discussing—I do not want to open up a whole new area—he can drop me a note about them and I will seek to get the information. But the officers think most of the matters Senator Kemp is dealing with were dealt with in the committee and that there is nothing further to add. But if there is something extra and Senator Kemp wants to get in touch with me, I will see what I can do.