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Tuesday, 25 May 1993
Page: 1244

Senator PANIZZA (9.31 p.m.) —Whilst the Minister is getting instructions, I believe the proposition put by Senator Patterson is quite reasonable. That is what we did this morning with Estimates Committee A. There were outstanding questions concerning the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. If the Minister cannot give us an indication as to when those answers will come before the committee, our only course of action is to move that any further debate on Estimates Committee C be postponed until we get those answers. Perhaps we will now get an indication from the Minister as to when those answers will be forthcoming.

Senator Crowley —I am sorry, I am not clear what Senator Panizza is asking me.

Senator PANIZZA —There are some answers outstanding to questions asked by Senator Patterson earlier in the day. I suggest that, if the Minister does not have those answers, we postpone further consideration of Estimates Committee C until those answers are forthcoming, as we did with Estimates Committee A this morning. I do not think we should reopen every estimates committee later tonight because, if we agree to negate the adjournment, we will be working well into the night as it is. I suggest the Minister tells us when those answers will be forthcoming.