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Tuesday, 25 May 1993
Page: 1223

Senator IAN MACDONALD (5.53 p.m.) —I am aware of that and there is no need for the Minister to table the document if she wants to save cluttering up the record. The document is of no assistance to me. In the Estimates Committee C hearing Senator Richardson said:

. . . I hope you do not jump to making any conclusion out of the figures. The real test will be how many people were put on or kept in employment as a result of the money that we outlaid, and we will know the answers to that at the conclusion of the program when a proper review has been completed.

For Senator Richardson to say that we will know how many people were put on and kept in employment, I assume that will require an analysis or evaluation of all the councils which received money. That will ascertain how many people were put on or kept in employment, or was Senator Richardson not telling me the truth? I am sure he would not do that.