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Tuesday, 25 May 1993
Page: 1199

Senator IAN MACDONALD (3.44 p.m.) —by leave—I move:

  That the Senate take note of the answer given by the Minister for the Arts and Administrative Services (Senator McMullan), in response to a question without notice asked by Senator Childs this day, relating to programs within the Department of Administrative Services concerning Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

During the course of answering the question, Senator McMullan quite mercilessly attacked me. I regret to say that the President did not choose to protect me, although whenever I speak, Senator Faulkner interjects so much that I can barely hear myself speak.

  The point I particularly want to make, and the point I was trying to make by an interjection, is that the Labor Party practices in dealing with votes in Cape York are somewhat scandalous—absolutely scandalous, as a matter of fact. A series of incidents occurred in the last election that I am able to document in this chamber—and will. They show some of the practices that the Labor Party embarks upon and involves itself in, and some voting irregularities in some booths in the Cape York area are quite disgraceful.

  I will mention one incident. During the last Queensland State election at a booth in Coen in Cape York, Mr Dodd—before he became the federal member for Leichhardt—handled himself in an absolutely disgraceful way. He was asked to leave by the returning officer but would not do so. This incident was reported to the Australian Electoral Commission but nothing was done about the complaint. All of this is documented and will be laid before the Senate in a more orderly fashion in the fullness of time. I simply raise those sorts of things at this time to show the lengths to which the Australian Labor Party will go in trying to corrupt the vote in various booths around Australia.

  Question resolved in the affirmative.