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Monday, 24 May 1993
Page: 1125

Senator TAMBLING (9.11 p.m.) —Mr Chairman, the point I make is that, given the early start to this matter, some of my colleagues might not well have been alerted—as I said—to all of these outstanding questions for Estimates Committee A. I ask that you reserve the position on unanswered questions and that, if any other senator wishes to pursue that matter, he or she be given that right. He or she might not have had the opportunity to appreciate that they have had the answers to questions that Senator Childs has tabled today. I certainly have not received any of the answers to the 34 unanswered questions that are attributed to my name. I will take the opportunity under the reservations to pursue those issues. But I would hope that you will hold over consideration. If necessary, at the end of consideration of Estimates Committee A, I will move for the postponement of further committee consideration until such time as adequate consideration has been given to the committee.