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Thursday, 20 May 1993
Page: 969

Senator CALVERT —by leave—I thank the Minister for Transport and Communications (Senator Collins) for making that answer available. I would like to point out that twice now he has said that he had no advice on the matter. I understand that he has had a lot of other things on his mind in the last few days, but this letter that I quoted today was written on 1 September last year. It states:

However, in this case I did request a report from AOTC regarding the matters you raised, and I am satisfied that the management has acted in accordance with accepted commercial and management practices.

I would have thought that any Minister—my memory is not all that bright—who asked a question of the biggest corporation in this country, AOTC, would have had some memory of signing a letter. The letter was dated 1 September last year. I would have thought that a responsible Minister whose signature is on this letter—he has now given me an answer, though—inquiring into a corporation the size of AOTC would have remembered signing that letter. I think it is another example of the department running the Minister.