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Thursday, 13 May 1993
Page: 623

Senator BOURNE (9.42 p.m.) —The Australian Democrats are very concerned about program standards not only in television but in all forms of the media in Australia. We were very supportive of having a set of television, video, pay TV and film standards. We were very pleased when we saw that; we thought it was done very well.

  It is interesting to note that section 128, which Senator Harradine is trying to amend at the moment, talks about public standards for the depiction of various things in pay TV and what people think in general on how these things have changed over the years. When we were looking at public standards in the Select Committee on Subscription Television Broadcasting Services, we found that standards had changed substantially. We were interested to see that all of us on that committee were completely normal people as far as this sort of thing goes. In relation to section 128 I will be very interested to hear what the Minister for Transport and Communications (Senator Collins) has to say so that we can make up our mind on this very important issue.