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Thursday, 13 May 1993
Page: 618

  Motion (by Senator Faulkner) proposed:

  (1)That the select committee known as the Select Committee on Superannuation, appointed by resolutions of the Senate of 5 June 1991, 20 June 1991 and 25 June 1992, be reappointed, with the same functions and powers, except as otherwise provided in this resolution.

  (2)That Senators Sherry, Alston, Childs, Kernot, Watson and West be appointed members of the committee.

  (3)That the committee inquire into and report on:

    (a)the operation of the Queensland Professional Officers Association Superannuation Fund and related matters regarding the regulation of superannuation;

    (b)fees, charges and commissions in superannuation; and

    (c)the superannuation supervisory levy, referred to the committee on 25 November 1992.

  (4)That the committee have power to consider and use for its purposes the minutes of evidence and records of the Select Committee on Superannuation appointed in the previous Parliament.

  (5)That the committee report to the Senate on or before the last day of sitting in May 1993.