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Thursday, 13 May 1993
Page: 571

Senator SCHACHT (Minister for Science and Small Business and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Science) (3.57 p.m.) —by leave—I asked Senator Watson for the information because I wanted to get the right survey. I will take that information up with the department. I do not know whether the figure of 50 per cent was an increase from two firms to four firms or an increase from 10 firms to 20 in total volume, and that point has to be looked at.

  I also want to draw Senator Watson's attention to one aspect of the McKinsey report that I quoted in my answer. That report put some information forward about firms investing overseas. It is not as concerned as Senator Watson was in his remarks, saying that many of the successful firms exporting from Australia do so because they have joint ventures and opportunities from their establishment of a venture in an overseas country. Those behind the report are not as concerned about the issue of the export of jobs, which Senator Watson quite rightly raised, as initially all of us would be.

  I want to point out one other matter to Senator Watson. The figures I referred to were increases in exports from the manufacturing sector, not general overall manufacturing output. I assure Senator Watson that he has raised an issue with me and now that I know the report he is referring to I will seek some further information and provide it to him. If he is interested, I will also make arrangements to get for him some information from the McKinsey report because I am sure that, with his interest in this area, he will find the material of assistance.

  Question resolved in the affirmative.