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Wednesday, 12 May 1993
Page: 494

(Question No. 84)

Senator Short asked the Minister representing the Minister for the Environment, Sport and Territories, upon notice, on 5 May 1993:

  (1) What are the details of all advertising campaigns to be undertaken by the department and agencies in 1992-93, including, in each case: (a) the campaign; (b) its cost; (c) its purpose; and (d) the name of the company or agency undertaking the campaign.

  (2) Are there any proposals for additional campaigns to be undertaken in the near future.

  (3) Given the imminence of the Federal election, could the information be provided by 13 May 1993.

Senator Schacht —The Minister for the Environment, Sport and Territories has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:


Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories

  (a) Expeditioner recruitment for Australian Antarctic Stations

  (b) $65,000

  (c) Annual recruitment of researchers and support personnel for Australia's three Antarctic stations and one sub-antarctic station.

  (d) Neville Jeffress Pty Ltd

  (a) B. Smart. . . Play Your Part

  (b) $456,691

  (c) To increase public appreciation of the part individuals can play in minimising waste and to encourage the introduction of waste minimisation practices at all levels.

  (d) McSpedden Carey, Chiat/Day/Mojo and AIS Media

  (a) A Cleaner Australia 2001 radio announcements

  (b) $101,667

  (c) To increase public awareness of water quality issues.

  (d) Chiat/Day/Mojo

  (a) Environmental Choice Australia Program

  (b) $147,906

  (c) To increase public and industry awareness of the Program and the benefits to consumers.

  (d) Various (including AIS Media, Grey Advertising and Chiat/Day/Mojo)

  Note: Costs shown for each advertising campaign are for the 1992-93 financial year only.

Australian Heritage Commission (AHC)

  (a) Advertisements lodged to publicise the Register of the National Estate and to fulfil the AHC's statutory obligations in relation to the Register.

  (b) $27,964

  (c) To announce the AHC's intention to enter places in the Register as required under Section 23(2) of the Australian Heritage Commission Act 1975.

  (d) AHC staff, with the assistance of a contracted journalist. Neville Jeffress Pty Ltd (press) and AGPS (Commonwealth Gazette) placed advertisements on behalf of the AHC.

  (a) Publicity for the National Estate Grants Program

  (b) $3,642

  (c) To publicise the closing date for grant applications.

  (d) Neville Jeffress Pty Ltd placed advertisements in national daily newspapers on behalf of the AHC.

  (2) A further list of places proposed for entry in the Register of the National Estate will be advertised by the AHC in June 1993.

  (3) Yes.