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Monday, 10 May 1993
Page: 366

(Question No. 15)

Senator Alston asked the Minister for Defence, upon notice, on 30 March 1993:

  (1) Does the department routinely disseminate or circulate all or some of the media releases of its responsible Minister or Ministers, to organisations apart from national media organisations; if so, for what reasons are Ministerial media releases circulated by the department, and to how many individuals and organisations.

  (2) For each, and which, ministerial media release circulated in the past 18 months, what was the estimated cost of printing and circulating the releases, and how many copies of the release were circulated.

  (3) Does the Department circulate copies of some or all of the speeches made by the Minister; if so, for each of those circulated in the past 18 months, what was the estimated cost of printing and circulating the speech and how many copies of the speech were circulated.

Senator Robert Ray —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

  (1) At the end of each month, all departmental and ministerial media releases for the month are distributed in News From Defence, a publication which is circulated internally as well as to other government departments, Australian Embassies and High Commissions overseas, members of the public, defence industry groups, universities and defence associations, such as the RSL. There are 290 non national media addressees on the distribution list. News From Defence is circulated by the Department when individuals request up to date information about Defence on a regular basis.

  (2) Two hundred and ninety copies of News from Defence are circulated each month to non media organisations. The estimated cost of printing and posting the publication is $160.88 per month with the total cost for 18 months being $2895.84.

  (3) Generally the Department does not circulate copies of the Ministers' speeches. Distribution only occurs for major speeches such as the Force Structure Review which was over 18 months ago.