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Monday, 10 May 1993
Page: 335

Senator ALSTON —Mr President, I categorically deny having informed any journalist whatsoever that heads would be rolling; I will elaborate later. My question is addressed to the Minister for Transport and Communications. Why is it that Ms Goode sought to be transferred; why did the department agree to any such transfer; and, given that the Minister presumably is acutely aware that by being publicly identified as having been transferred, whether or not `by mutual consent', it would not do her career prospects any good at all, why did the Minister not endeavour to talk her out of it, or at least stand up for her position?

Senator COLLINS —The reason that she stood aside is contained in the statement that I just tabled. In reference to the last thing Senator Alston said, I think my decision not to personally, in the first instance, construct a tender process for the pay TV licences has just been amply justified.