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Thursday, 6 May 1993
Page: 329

(Question No. 7)

Senator Alston asked the Minister representing the Minister for Social Security, upon notice, on 30 March 1993:

  For each of the following bodies: (a) what is its function; (b) where is it based; (c) who are its members; (d) what organisations do its members represent; (e) in the past 12 months, what activities has the body been involved in; and (f) what Commonwealth funding has it received in each of the past four financial years:

  Social Security Advisory Council

  Child Support Evaluation Advisory Group

Senator Richardson —The Minister for Social Security has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

  Social Security Advisory Council:

  (a) The function of the Social Security Advisory Council is to advise the Minister for Social Security on issues relating to the development and administration of social security policy and its impact on Social Security clients.

  (b) The Council Secretariat is provided by the Department of Social Security. Members are from different States and Council meetings are

usually held in Canberra.

  (c) Currently membership is:

    Chair (vacant)

    Professor Jan Carter

    Ms Marion Gaynor

    Mr James Giles

    Mrs Norah McGuire

    Ms Voula Messimeri-Kianidis

    Ms Merle Mitchell

    Ms Kaye Mundine

    Dr Ian O'Connor

    Ms Annette O'Neill

    Father John Usher

  (d) Members do not represent particular organisations. They are appointed on the basis of their breadth of knowledge in the social security field and/or their particular expertise in various aspects of social security.

  (e) During the past twelve months the Council has focussed on the issues of long-term unemployment, the common youth allowance structure and retirement incomes.

  (f) Expenditure in each of the last four financial years was:

  1988-89—$128 000

  1989-90—$48 699

  1990-91—$44 234

  1991-92—$32 166

Child Support Evaluation Advisory Group:

  (a) to (f) The Child Support Evaluation Advisory Group no longer exists.