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Thursday, 6 May 1993
Page: 271

Senator IAN MACDONALD —Mr Deputy President, I should not let this go. Under standing order 191, could I explain a part of my speech which has obviously been misunderstood by Senator Coulter?

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT —If you believe that you have been misunderstood, go ahead.

Senator IAN MACDONALD —I do not want to interrupt the course of the Senate too long, but obviously Senator Coulter has misunderstood this. He says that he has been on the Tully River. If that is the case, then he would know that the Tully Mill hydro-electricity project, which still has my strong support, will in no way interfere with white-water rafting. If Senator Coulter knew anything about it, he would appreciate that the construction of the Tully Mill hydro scheme would enhance whitewater rafting in the area by providing and guaranteeing all year round water in the Tully River.

  The matter that would need to be further negotiated, if this Government ever had the intestinal fortitude to allow the project to go ahead, would be the cost of providing that water. But that is a matter of commercial negotiation. Certainly it is no cause for stopping whitewater rafting on the Tully River, which will continue long after Senator Coulter and I have disappeared from the scene.