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Wednesday, 5 May 1993
Page: 103

Senator FAULKNER (Manager of Government Business in the Senate) —I indicate to the Senate that I would like to ask by leave that government business notices of motion Nos 2 to 7, 10 and 15 be taken together as formal.

The PRESIDENT —Is there any objection to these motions being taken as formal? I was told that there was agreement to this.

Senator Hill —The red has only just arrived. We are dealing with 21 notices of motion under government business, and we have a further 23 notices of motion under general business. This is a fairly difficult procedure and I would request that we display some patience. Rather than requesting that whole slabs of them be dealt with together, I would suggest the sensible procedure is that they be dealt with one by one.

The PRESIDENT —The reason they were called is that I thought there had been agreement because there had been deletion of a number of others that Senator Faulkner was to move, but I will take them separately.

Senator FAULKNER —That was my understanding. To assist the Senate, particularly Senator Hill, I ask that government business notice of motion No. 2, standing in my name, be taken as formal.

The PRESIDENT —Is there any objection to this motion being taken as formal?

Senator Bishop —What happened to No. 1?

The PRESIDENT —Order! Senator Faulkner is not asking that No. 1 be taken as formal. He has not asked during this procedure. Is there any objection to motion No. 2 being taken as formal? There being no objection, I call Senator Faulkner.

Senator FAULKNER —I move:

  That standing order 3(4) be suspended to enable the Senate to consider business other than that of a formal character before the address-in-reply to the Governor-General's opening speech has been adopted.

  Question resolved in the affirmative.