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Tuesday, 4 May 1993
Page: 81

(Question No. 2571)

Senator Short asked the Minister for Transport and Communications, upon notice, on 4 February 1993:

  (1) What are the details of all advertising campaigns to be undertaken by the department and agencies in 1992-93, including, in each case: (a) the campaign; (b) its cost; (c) its purpose; and (d) the name of the company or agency undertaking the campaign.

  (2) Are there any proposals for additional campaigns to be undertaken in the near future.

  (3) Given the imminence of the Federal election, could the information be provided by 1 March 1993.

Senator Collins —The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:


  Details of campaigns conducted by statutory authorities and other bodies within the portfolio have not been provided as they are a matter of the commercial judgement of the bodies concerned, and are commercially sensitive.

  However, the Department has provided the following information on campaigns which have been undertaken thus far in 1992-93:

1.  The SBS Facilities campaign

  (1) (a) SBS Facilities campaign

  (b) $30,000

  (c) The purposes of the campaign are:

  (i)to inform the public of new National Transmission Agency (NTA) transmission facilities which have begun operating for the purposes of broadcasting SBS Television;

  (ii)to advise the public how to achieve the best possible reception; and

  (iii)to inform the public of the role of the NTA in providing such transmission facilities.

  (d) The NTA and the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS).

  (2) No.

2.  The Radiocommunications Licensing Awareness campaigns

  (1)(a) Licensing Awareness (two separate campaigns);

  (b) $4,800 (total cost of campaigns);

  (c) Its purpose is to increase boat operators awareness of marine safety issues and of the requirement to licence marine radios; and

  (d) The campaigns are to be run by the Department, advertisements to be placed in boating magazines.

  (2) No.

3.  Young Drivers campaign

  (1)(a) Young Drivers campaign

  (b) Commitment to date is $1,020,000. The expenditure to date is $190,052.

  (c) Develop and conduct a public education campaign to reduce the involvement of young drivers in road crashes. The campaign is aimed at young people aged between 17 and 25.

  (d) Ogilvy & Mather Advertising.

  (2) No.

4.  Young Drivers—package for schools

  (1)(a) Young Drivers—package for schools.

  (b) Commitment to date is $164,250. The expenditure to date is $4,331.

  (c) In conjunction with the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority to develop a stand-alone video based road safety education kit for use in schools by pre-driver adolescents aged around 15 to 18.

  (d) Laurie Tesoriero Television & Martin Daley Productions.

  (2) No.

5.  Drink Driving Campaign

  (1)(a) Drink Driving Campaign

  (b) Commitment to date is $1,142,183. Expenditure to date is $920,818.

  (c) Continue the television component of the `Rethink . . . ' campaign and to extend the campaign to Western Australia and the Northern Territory. This campaign seeks to provide male and females intending to drink some alcohol and drive with a rule-of-thumb that they could follow to minimise the risk of exceeding the .05 BAC legal limit.

  (d) Ogilvy & Mather Advertising.

  (2) No.

6.  `Out & About' child safety kits & video

  (1)(a) `Out & About' child safety kits & video.

  (b) Commitment to date is $351,258. Total expenditure to date is $347,961.

  (c) School based road safety education kit to develop positive road safety attitudes that are likely to be retained to positively influence road user behaviour in adult life.

  (d) In house.

  (2) No.

7.  `It's Not Child's Play' Campaign

  (1)(a) Print, promote and distribute the brochure `It's Not Child's Play' for parents and carers of children under 5.

  (b) Commitment to date is $47,086. Total expenditure to date is $44,085.

  (c) The brochure is designed to help parents and carers understand children's natural limitations in traffic and how to protect them.

  (d) In house.

  (2) No.

8.  `Out & About' Newsletter

  (1) (a) Print and distribute the `Out & About' Newsletter.

  (b) Commitment and expenditure to date is $13,542.

  (c) The newsletter gives teachers new ideas about teaching road safety and informs them of the availability of the `Out & About' road safety kits.

  (d) In house.

  (2) No.

9.  Motorcycle Awareness Campaign

  (1) (a) Motorcycle Awareness Campaign.

  (b) Commitment to date is $242,569. Total expenditure to date is $134,285.

  (c) The `Take Care Be Aware' campaign goal is to make motorists aware of motorcyclists on the road, the dangers they face and the need to be constantly attentive.

  (d) Horizon Films and `in house'.

  (2) No.

  Follow-up on the above Road Safety campaigns (3.—9.) will continue throughout the financial year.