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Thursday, 17 December 1992
Page: 5479

Senator CHAMARETTE (2.27 a.m.) —As I indicated earlier, I will be supporting the Democrats' amendments if they choose to call a division on it. I must say that the comments I have just heard from the Opposition and the Government cause me some genuine alarm, because I would have thought that the Democrats' amendments were eminently sensible for inclusion in this Bill. I believe that it is shoddy and slapdash to leave out such important concepts as definitions of the ESD process and the specification that, within a committee which is addressing these concepts, there should be some relevant experience.

  I think I was not necessarily expecting the Opposition to support the amendments, but I feel that refusal to accept the very reasonable amendments put forward by the Democrats actually calls into question the genuine motivation of both the Government and the Opposition with regard to this Bill. It makes me want to vote against the Bill, which would, I realise, be a token gesture. I will maintain my support of it, but I do condemn the Government strongly for failing to include these components within the legislation.