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Thursday, 17 December 1992
Page: 5451

Senator HARRADINE (12.08 a.m.) —I cannot let that go. I had the honour of having dinner with Professor Wang Ruowang, one of the most famous of Chinese dissidents. He was gaoled by the KMT, became a communist, went right through the system, was gaoled by the communists, and is a very well known author. I put that question to him. His clear response was that you do not believe what the PRC officials tell the outside world; you believe what they tell their own people. They told the outside world that nothing happened in Tiananmen Square; these are the same people who gave Mr Conybeare those assurances. Have Mr Conybeare or any of our officials been to the area where these people were returned? Have they actually seen for themselves whether what is stated in that affidavit—on the information provided by a Chinese PRC security officer—is correct? This is a very serious question.