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Thursday, 17 December 1992
Page: 5399

Senator MICHAEL BAUME (6.25 p.m.) —I draw attention to appendix 8 of this report on the Australian Sports Drug Agency, which outlines the difference between the States in the manner of applying penalties for the taking of anabolic steroids. It is quite remarkable that the Australian Capital Territory has a very low level of penalty and very moderate laws to discourage people from taking anabolic steroids. It really is quite striking that in the Territory in which the Federal Parliament exists, and where there is a determined bipartisan approach against the taking of steroids, we have an administration that appears to take a remarkably lenient view.  For example, this question appears in appendix 8:

1. Is it an offence for unauthorised supply of anabolic steroids through pharmacies?

We see that in Tasmania and New South Wales, there is a $2,000 fine—or in New South Wales, two years gaol. In Queensland, the fine is $1,200. In Victoria it is $5,000. In Western Australia it is $100,000 or 25 years gaol. In the ACT it is $200. That is disgraceful.

  A further question is stated in appendix 8:

2.A) Is it a requirement that a pharmacist is required to keep a record of all prescrip. dispensed?

In the ACT the fine for not doing so is $40. In Victoria, it is $5,000 or 12 months in gaol. In New South Wales it is $800 or six months in gaol.

3. Are all wholesalers of veterinary and human scheduled products licensed? B) Veterinary products?

I mention veterinary products because many drug takers appear to be taking them. In all States, it is required that they be licensed. In the ACT, the fine for not being so is $200. In Western Australia it is $100,000 or 25 years gaol. In Queensland it is $1,200. In Victoria it is $2,000. Question No. 4 of appendix 8 states:

4. Is it a requirement of the wholesale licence that supply of scheduled products can only be to a licence or permit holder?

Breaching that brings about a fine of $1,200 in Queensland, $2,000 in Victoria, $100,000 or 25 years gaol in Western Australia—and in the ACT, $200. It seems to me that this sort of thing is totally unacceptable, particularly when we come to question No. 7:

7. Is possession of S4 substances such as anabolic steroids an offence?

In every State and Territory of this nation except the ACT, it is an offence. Something has to be done about this. It is regarded so seriously that all of the other States have very high penalties. In New South Wales it is $2,000 or two years gaol. In Western Australia it is $100,000 or 25 years gaol—Western Australia is leading the nation in its fight against anabolic steroids. In Victoria it is $2,000, and in Tasmania it is $5,000 or two years gaol.

  There is a lot more in this schedule. All I do is plead with the ACT Administration to fix this mess up.

  Question resolved in the affirmative.