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Thursday, 17 December 1992
Page: 5314

Senator MACDONALD (12.38 p.m.) —I support the arguments put forward by Senator Panizza and Senator Bell. The industry is made up of some of Australia's leading companies. They are well able to self-insure up to a reasonable amount, and the consequence to the industry of having some flexibility in the amount of self-insurance means that they save a considerable amount of money in premiums which they would otherwise have to pay to insurers. It is a saving to the industry, and in these days, I think, everyone recognises that the industry includes both employers and employees. It is for this reason, as well as for the reasons that Senator Panizza has very clearly pointed out, that we have moved these amendments.

  At a slight tangent, and without being too pedantic, the Minister for Shipping and Aviation Support (Senator Cook), in commenting on section 26, did confirm what Senator Panizza had asked him to confirm. He used the word `wilfully', whereas the Act refers to `intentionally'. There is a slight variation in law between `wilful' and `intentional', but I simply put on the record that I assume the Minister was meaning `intentionally' in the terms of—

Senator Cook —Yes.

Senator MACDONALD —Thank you, Mr Chairman.