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Thursday, 17 December 1992
Page: 5271

Senator HARRADINE —by leave—I want to know the reason for this motion. I am aware that today the Government is about to push through this Parliament a piece of legislation which it rushed through the House of Representatives this morning which effectively denies rights which were determined only on Monday of this week by the High Court in respect of 37 refugee applicants. I want to know why the Parliamentary Secretary is seeking at this point of time to delay the introduction of legislation even further. I doubt whether many, if any, honourable senators are aware of what has happened, except those who are directly responsible.

Senator Coates —They are on the Notice Paper.

Senator HARRADINE —The Migration Laws Amendment Bill (No. 4) is not on the Notice Paper.

Senator Coates —These two are.

Senator HARRADINE —These two are on the Notice Paper

The PRESIDENT —Order! It would be helpful if Senator Harradine spoke to the Chair without interjections.

Senator HARRADINE —Thank you, Mr President. I understood the Parliamentary Secretary to move for the postponement of the introduction of certain Bills. I am wondering why he is seeking to do that. If the Bill that was rushed through the House of Representatives this morning is part of that procedure, I believe that the procedure is not appropriate, and that we should know about that as soon as possible. If it is not part of that procedure, when are we likely to know about that matter? I happen to know about it. I was informed about it before the Minister informed me late last night; I had heard what was going on. When the time comes, I will be able to address that matter. I would like the Parliamentary Secretary to explain why he is seeking to postpone the introduction of this measure.