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Thursday, 17 December 1992
Page: 5262

To the Honourable the President and Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

  This humble petition is from the undersigned citizens of Australia who are not only believers in the Lord Jesus Christ but persons whose fellowship is based upon regard for the absolute authority and recognition of God's word as contained in the Holy Bible. Your petitioners draw to the attention of the House that the requirement of God's Law is completely disregarded by the Family Law Act in that adultery is not allowed as a basis for divorce.

  The Lord Jesus Christ Himself said "Whosoever shall put away his wife except for fornication, and shall marry another, commits adultery and whosoever marrieth her which is put away committeth adultery" (Matt 19 v 9).

  The Parliamentary prayer at the commencement of the session stated "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" and your petitioners humbly pray that this be put into practice by amending the Family Law Act to reintroduce adultery as a ground for divorce.